Frequently Asked Questions




1How to get to the lodging?
The Arribada Lodging is at Muxía’s centre, about 70 Km away from Santiago de Compostela. You can take a bus from the bus station in Santiago. You can check for timetables in this link: http://www.compostelavirtual.com/transportes/horarios-autobus-santiago-muxia.html.

There are also connections to and from other villages within Costa da Morte.

2Which are the receptions hours?
Reception is open from 9am to 11pm. You will not be able to check in outside these hours but nonetheless you can come in and out with a daily digital code provided at reception.

3Is there a minimum stay?
There is not a minimum stay to be our guest.

4What is included in the room or bunk rates?
You will be provided with clean lining, access to all the lodging facilities, free kitchen and common areas access. There is a small fee for the use of computers, washing machines or dryers.

5Is the lodging adapted for people with disabilities?
The lodging is fully accessible for people with sensorial and functional diversity.

Our staff will provide with all the information needed and will help when possible, nonetheless, any specific need that may arise will have to be undertaken by any accompanying or responsible person.

6Is it necessary to have a reservation to be a guest?
A reservation is not required but it is advisable specially during summer season.

7Is the lodging allowed to stamp the pilgrim credential?
Yes. The lodging has its own stamp that certifies its Private lodging Network membership within the Santiago Way.

8Are all services at the lodging free of charge?
Most services are included in the room/bunk rates (wifi connection, kitchen access, manual laundry, feet jacuzzi, common area access…). Charges apply for the use of computers and printers, the washing machine and dryers, and the vending machines.

9Do the rates vary depending on seasons?
There can be some variations depending on the month or season. You can check for rates on the online booking service.

10Are pets allowed?
No, pets are not allowed in the Arribada lodging.

11Can children be guest at the Arribada Lodging?
Yes, they are always welcome as long as they are under adult supervision.

12Do you need an ID?
Of course. You need a legal and valid ID to check-in. A valid national identity card will be accepted for European Union citizens. Passport will be required for any other guest.